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1957 Chevrolet Corvette Search contains car image

For the 1957 corvette model year the big news was the availability of a 283ci 283hp fuel-injected V-8. This was a magical number, becacause few engines could hit 1hp for each ci of displacement.

2011 Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5 Search contains car image

"The Tesla Roadster has been on the road since 2008, yet only now is there another all-electric car for sale -- the Nissan Leaf. While the Leaf is a long-awaited answer for green-oriented daily driving, the little 2011 Tesla Roadster still holds the crown for range, besting the Leaf by more than 100 miles. It's also a certifiable sports car, with staggeringly quick and quiet acceleration paired with razor-sharp handling. "

2001 Porsche 911 GT2 Search contains car image

"At 300 kilometers per hour-that's 186 mph to you, Yankee boy, or more than a mile every 20 seconds-the long, gentle bends of the Italian autostrada north of Venice morph into real turns, replete with significant g-loading, and the car's motions are lively as it tracks nervously over inequalities in the seemingly smooth pavement. Although its behavior is well short of anything that could be called skittish, keeping the car on its proper line demands unwinking concentration as the speedometer needle twirls toward the top end of its scale. The closing rate on slower traffic is eye widening, particularly when the sweeping curves occasionally limit downstream vision to a quarter-mile. It's an eye-widening drive-but seriously addictive nonetheless. " - caranddriver

1989 Mazda RX-7 Turbo Search contains car image

Like other RX7s this car is a tuner's dream, fairly quick out of the box, it can be made considerably quicker as the rotary engine responds well to tuning.

1990 Acura Integra GS Search contains car image

"Acura billed this front-wheel-drive model as a performance car. I guess it all depends on what you consider performance. The high-output, 160-horsepower GS-R might qualify (it arrived in 1992), but the more basic models had with fewer hot-rod pretensions. "

2009 Citroen C3 Search contains car image

"Citroen has come up with something that's going to be hard to beat: half a roof. It has taken the panoramic windscreen to new levels by stretching it far into the roofline, and the result is called the Zenith."

1997 Acura NSX

1997 Acura NSX

0-60: 5.1 seconds
1/4 mile: 13.5 seconds

1986 Mitsubishi Starion ESI-R

1986 Mitsubishi Starion ESI-R

0-60: 8.3 seconds
1/4 mile: 16.2 seconds

Random 0-60 & 1/4 mile times

1992 Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo
0-60: 5.7 seconds
1/4 mile: 14.2 seconds

1998 Ferrari 355 F1
0-60: 4.6 seconds
1/4 mile: 13.0 seconds

1991 Porsche 911 Turbo
0-60: 4.9 seconds
1/4 mile: 13.4 seconds

1994 Honda Accord EX
0-60: 9.3 seconds
1/4 mile: 17.1 seconds

1999 BMW M
0-60: 5.4 seconds
1/4 mile: 13.8 seconds

1994 Jaguar XJ12
0-60: 7.7 seconds
1/4 mile: 15.9 seconds

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